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What Goal Are You Looking To Achieve?

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To Build A Purposeful & Consistently Profitable Brand

Recommended for Employees of Startup Organizations, SMEs and MSMEs

Stakeholders are looking for brands with purpose. You may never get to hear them say it but customers value your brand experience more when they know what you stand for. They will pay you a premium if you can give them a distinct reason to differentiate you from other brands.

It is the same with your employees. Today’s generation of workers have brought the importance of brand culture into focus. You can only get the best from employees who have found meaning in their daily activities influenced by organizational purpose. 

When your employees can capture their future through new thinking and visionary resourcing, you can future-proof your productivity and become one of the leading brands in your industry.

Through our Visionary Employee™ Program, employees will become empowered and equipped to partner in productive practices that will sustain your brand and create more rooms for diversification and consequently an increased ROI.

Let’s impact your employees for maximum productivity and profitability by:

  • Inspiring innovation and positive change,
  • Providing them with a sense of meaning and fulfilment,
  • Creating value for your customer,
  • Impacting communities and contributing to improve the health of the society for the benefit of our future and future generations.

Ready To Integrate Purpose And Profit For Value Exchange?

To Build A Resilient Team & Organizational Culture

Recommended for employees of Multinationals and Government Parastatals

Business owners and leaders looking for the best way to survive and thrive in the face of today’s forces of disruption must begin to focus on 3 things: purpose, people and perspective. 

To make it through any kind of social or economic crisis and return to a ‘better normal’, you and your team will need to be resilient.

The capacity to bounce back from setbacks or to thrive during times of challenge or change grows out of a set of “learnable” behaviors with results that cause you and your team less vulnerable to stress and loss.

During hard times, employees can become weakened in their confidence abilities and disciplined routines at work. This will in turn affect their passion for the work and creative abilities. The challenges your organizations face may shake their confidence, however, you can boost it by actively conveying your faith in them through a re-learning program and process that help to focus their energy on strategic initiatives.

The most effective ways to increase resilience at work is through customized coaching. This is what we get to do with The Visionary Employee™ Bootcamp for your teams.

The program will:

  • Encourage your team members to have guided conversations among themselves on a regular basis to build a safe community of thrivers. 
  • Assign pairs and require team chats to discuss successful experiences, problems and how they’re tackling them
  • Enable these teams to share what they’ve learned during the crisis that they can still apply when things get back to normal through a review, reflect and return framework

A resilient team that influences production flow positively is only a set of people who are reminded that things will stabilize; and choose to envision who they will be after adversity passes. 

We are committed to helping you build the team for your organizational goals and growth.

Ready To Build A Team That Keeps Giving Their Best?

To Become A Powerful Professional

(Only 12 Slots Available Yearly)

Recommended for Career Professionals & Founders of Startup Organizations

If you have a vision to become more influential and recognized in your profession. Or you desire to increase the quality of your efficiency at work, then you are welcome to join The Visionary Employee™ Coaching Mastermind.

Joining the monthly Visionary Employee coaching mastermind will expose you to custom-made tools that will:

  • Improve and accelerate your personal brand in the workspace
  • Build your confidence and cause you to attract the accolades you deserve
  • Elevate and Accelerate your thinking of life and work so you can become the go-to colleague and in turn position you for prominent positions within your industry
  • Cause you to become highly recommended and recognized for excellence and innovation on a larger scale within your workplace and industry
  • Increase your impact and income
  • Get positioned for multiple and global professional opportunities you'll love

Amongst other things you wll learn how to use your mind to become a creative solutionist for your personal and corporate brand.

The world needs more problem solvers. And problem solvers are powerful people.

You can become powerful in your profession.